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Image for The Modern Mexican Charro

The Modern Mexican Charro

By: N/A

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Pemex Travel Club: 1965

Seller ID: 23246

Binding: Staplebound

Condition: Fair

U.S. Stabling Guide The Country's Comprehensive Guide for Horse Transportation

By: N/A

Price: $12.50

Publisher: 1995

Seller ID: 331

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

A Dog's Book

By: N/A

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Parragon Publishing: 7-09

Seller ID: 352

ISBN: 1407505858

Binding: Hardcover

Image for Official Stud Book and Registry [Complete in 50 volumes]

Official Stud Book and Registry [Complete in 50 volumes]

By: N/A

Price: $850.00

Publisher: Amarillo, TX, American Quarter Horse Association: 1957-1985

Seller ID: 29322

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very good

Field Guide to Dog First Aid

By: Acker, Randy

Price: $9.50

Seller ID: 12604

ISBN: 1885106041

Binding: Paperback

Image for Wild Waterfowl and its Captive Management, Vol. II

Wild Waterfowl and its Captive Management, Vol. II

By: American Game Bird Breeder's Federation

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Salt Lake City, UT, American Game Bird Breeder's Federation: 1974

Seller ID: 16058

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Whole Health for Happy Cats

By: Arora, Sandy

Price: $7.50

Seller ID: 16911

ISBN: 1592532667

Binding: Paperback

The Penguin Book of the Horse

By: Baker, Candida

Price: $10.00

Seller ID: 16713

ISBN: 0140268782

Binding: Paperback

Day at the Races

By: Barry Gifford

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press: 1988

Seller ID: 6876

ISBN: 0871131951

Binding: Hardcover.


By: Bass, Rick

Price: $14.99

Seller ID: 22037

ISBN: 0618127364

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

Image for Guinea Fowl of the World

Guinea Fowl of the World

By: Belshaw, R.H. Hastings

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Liss, Hampshire, Nimrod Book Services: 1985

Seller ID: 16052

ISBN: 0947647201

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Near fine

Western Training

By: Brainard, Jack

Price: $7.50

Seller ID: 15223

ISBN: 0911647163

Binding: Paperback

Horse Stories: Riding with the Wind

By: Bunney, Gayle

Price: $6.00

Seller ID: 11751

ISBN: 1551051249

Binding: Paperback

Winning with the American Quarter Horse

By: Burt, Don

Price: $8.00

Seller ID: 16669

ISBN: 038546813X

Binding: Hardcover

Bring Jade Home

By: Caffrey, Michelle

Price: $7.50

Seller ID: 26964

ISBN: 1560377356

Binding: Paperback

A Dog's Purpose

By: Cameron, Bruce

Price: $7.00

Seller ID: 25348

Binding: Paperback

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

By: Carlson, Delbert and James Giffin

Price: $8.00

Seller ID: 15262

Binding: Hardcover

Modern Side-Saddle Riding

By: Christy, Eva

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Mt. Holly, NJ, International Side-Saddle Organization: 1985

Seller ID: 30699

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very good

Image for The Working Border Collie: A Handbook for Trainers and Handlers

The Working Border Collie: A Handbook for Trainers and Handlers

By: Clement, J.H. and F.D. Clement

Price: $75.00

Publisher: McLeansboro, IL, North American Sheep Dog Society: 1959

Seller ID: 23268

Binding: Plastic

Condition: Very good

A Dog's Life

By: Clunes, Martin

Price: $8.00

Seller ID: 25630

ISBN: 0340977043

Binding: Hardcover